If pleasing is a personality type

Then useless is the feeling, when they pull away

I know everyone needs their space

But I’m floating trying to find my way

Loyal to a fault

Feelings still hard to convey

Sometimes wanting leaves me in disarray

The sky is grey, the world is up in flames

Don’t want the pain to hardened my heart

Don’t look away, can’t you see I need support

It’s all about what you can do for them, these days

It’s all about “I”, everyone is selfish, in this age

I think about the past, I hear the ancestors call, I’m trying to free them all, but I’m still weighed down by the chains that they had

I think about the future and what their lives might produce because of me.

The pressures on, the pressure strong.

I think about the present, and how I love your presence because you can save me from it all

I feel you all around, I become overwhelmed

Because no one on this earth understands me in my entirety like you do

It’s not voodoo, it’s not magic

It’s your love and your grace

And if I could see you in this moment

I would give you the greatest form of an embrace

Because I want to be like you in every way.

I want the world to feel your love

I want it to know that it too can heal and be soft like I am, when I’m with you.

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