writing you into existence

More than love

I want peace

I desire a type of friendship, that challenges me

A fresh perspective, home and a wild fire

burn like a Forrest fire, don’t come for me and mine

But you’ve got options and a limited amount of time

You’ve got access to them all, everyone has a body, but can you see their soul

What makes me holy is that I’m kind

Soft and sweet like lemons squeeze for summertime

I think you could learn a thing or two from me

I think I could reach my potential, if you ride with me

I know you know you’re beautiful

I know you know you’re fine

Many poor souls fall head over heels for you

Must be the brown that’s in your eyes

Or maybe it’s blue like the sea or my favorite color, the perfect shade of green

I’ve got scars on my face, subtle space between my teeth, far from perfect, imperfect actually.

But perfectly made and beautiful.

I’m not the kind that of beautiful that has no flaws, but the kind that is very much flawed and I talk to someone who told me I was a fish in a bowl

And I laughed and said I’m sorry my friend for you’re mistaken, but I am not the fish you see I am to ocean it swims in

I don’t mean to sound cliche, but please know that I’m not like the rest.

I don’t care about physique of you, so there’s no need to try and impress

But I would like to undress your mind, that spiritual essence that’s lives, it’s divine

Late night drive, breakfast in the morning

Sweet red wine

That bob Marley, is this love type of vibe

Energy futuristic, skin thriving, deep diving into the pool of our insecurities, healing our trauma, caressing our pain, loving our flaws

Been through it all, but I’ve got hope and I’ve got faith

And once I’m done with you

You’ll believe in love, you’ll learn to dance, you’ll believe in salvation, miracles , you’ll watch the stars and wonder how they align perfectly, without God even trying

Meteorites striking, fire to the dirt

I’ll be a good listener, as long as you do your part as my protector

And With skin like the soil of the earth

How could you ever underestimate the magnitude of your worth

The human condition



It was like fighting the wind.

It was like trying to rewind the clock.

It was proving your worth every second of your life.

It was thinking that they might understand because they share the same face as I do.

It was my heart racing, every time I laid eyes on another article, video, or tweet.

It was anger, it was fury, it was grief.

It was how little we seemed to care. Another lifeless body, in between the photos on our feeds.

That thing about me that everyone loves so much, seeing the best in people was starting to fade.

Because I was letting go of how I wanted the world to be, now seeing it for how it is.

It’s hatred.

A sickness that’s embedded in this land.

It is the ego of man.

It is the envy, it’s sin.

I pray to God because he lives within.

He tells me that they are all safe in his arms.

He tells me that that there is no longer any suffering that they must endure.

He tells me that it’s sweet, he tells me to hug myself and to love deeply.

For how could I assume anything that’s beautiful is mine. For it is a gift from the one, who I love more than life.

So I will give this gift of light to all, whether they are friendly or unkind.

They will feel his light and freedom will ring like bells upon high

Because it is his greatest wish, for us to find it.

For with love, we are free.