I know I said I wish you wouldn’t leave, but honestly I feel it would be better for me. I don’t want the constant reminder of desiring what it is I cannot have. Why must you be a mystery? Why must you come around unannounced? Why can’t I find interest in someone else, anyone else. Oh, but how dearly I crave to acquire a deeper understanding of you. The world seems normal, once I’ve stopped thinking and searching for you. But like magic, you come around and ruin my life again.

Making me hope, making me want. Making me foolish.

Maybe it’s a tale that I’ll tell my children one day. I’ll caress them into arms folded, warm, loving and close. After giving them a glass of warm milk with just a drop of honey, right before they drift from this place to rem, I will whisper.

Don’t fall for someone that makes your heart race erratically.

Don’t wonder. Don’t chase the curiosity that is him.

For if you do, you will be running forever.

I know because I still am.

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